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Great Party Cocktails Everyone Will Love

Here at Red Rocks Spirits, we believe every day is a great day to spend time with friends and loved ones. If you're hosting a party, it can be tough to find a signature cocktail everyone will love, but playing bartender all night isn't for everyone. Having one or two signature cocktails you can prepare ahead of time can help you actually enjoy yourself instead of being stuck behind a bar all night. Make sure to taste test them before your party to make sure they're the right cocktail for you. When making a pitcher or punch, no need to shake the cocktail. Just stir it up, baby!

What spirit is best?

When looking for a spirit everyone will love, we choose vodka. Not only because we make Red Rocks Vodka (maybe we're a little biased) but it's so neutral it can go with any flavor you'd like. Any food, any mixer, any crowd! Red Rocks Vodka is strong enough for a great party, but smooth enough for a delicious cocktail. Ok. That's enough shameless plugging. On to the cocktails!

Fresh, Herbaceous, Citrusy

This Red Rocks Vodka marg is a fun twist on a tequila margarita. A Red Rocks Vodka margarita is a bit more fresh and citrusy than your typical margarita and pairs well with any cuisine. We recently sponsored a party that served this cocktail and it was a huge hit!

Rich & Fruity

When you mix Red Rocks Vodka and red wine, you get a delicious cocktail that packs a punch. Think amped up sangria. You can add all the fruit you want to this sexy party punch. It's great whether your guests are wine drinkers, or not! There's enough going on that it doesn't exactly taste like wine, but the essence is still there.

Refreshing, Crisp, Versatile

The Fort Tom Collins is named after Fort Collins because...well, just for fun. It's a simple yet delicious cocktail that's easy to make and easy to enhance. For example, you can add fruit or colored ice to jazz it up a bit although it stands on it's own just fine, too. This cocktail with Red Rocks Vodka is great as a summer party cocktail.

Cozy, Familiar, Warming

The Red Rocks Vodka Cran is a festive take on a traditional vodka cran. With the addition of cinnamon and real maple syrup, it takes the original and bumps it up a notch. One of our original creations, it's been to a party or two and it was a hit. Perfect for a fall or holiday bash. Your guests will love the unexpected hint of spice.

Light & Tart

The Puebloma is Red Rocks Spirits' take on the classic paloma cocktail. The traditional uses tequila. When subbed with vodka, it's much more fruit forward and crisp. This one os more labor intensive only because you HAVE to use fresh squeezed grapefruit juice! Ok. You don't have to, but it tastes WAY better that way. If you don't care about that, it's super easy to make.

There you have it! Some super easy cocktail recipes that'll wow your guests but are quick and simple. Toss em in a pitcher and actually enjoy your own party! Have fun!


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