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So who is greg?

What the Greg's Pick sticker looks like on bottles of Red Rocks Vodka

Greg is a guy. A real guy, but just a guy nonetheless. He didn't go to some fancy place to earn a fancy certification that says he can judge what tastes good or not. He just knows what he likes because someone told him he should 

A line crossing out a group of words.

He likes it .

We've been told to enter into a bunch of competitions because we need to win awards for people to like us. Well, Greg likes us. And so does most everyone else we meet at tastings and events. Not because we've won awards, but because Red Rocks Vodka tastes great. So, we're not gonna pay a small fortune to enter into competitions. We're gonna pass those savings on to you, and give you a great vodka at an affordable price for as long as you let us. 

Thanks Greg

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